Welcome to Sherwood Fun, Fitness and Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Established in 2010 Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy is a two centred business: primarily specialising in the rehabilitation of dogs recovering from injuries, operations, ongoing conditions and weight loss.

SCH is also a Canine Fun Centre that lets owners have access to our pool, qualified canine hydrotherapists and endless supply of floating and squeaky toys!!

You can use our pool and swim with your dog, dogs friends, family as long as your dogs are fit and well. The absolute best bit is that for the fun and fitness swims we do NOT need a vet referral (your dog does need to be fit and well and free from any current vet treatments and not suffering with any: diabetes, epilepsy or cardiac problems).

We have one of the largest Canine Pools in the Country and definitely the largest pool in the East Midlands, your dog has got room to free swim, stretch out and enjoy the warm water, we are a professional business in large premises with a pool the size that other centres only dream about.

Feel free to come and check us out whether that is for treatment or just because your dog loves swimming and you want to share the fun, we are very approachable, knowledgeable and totally loving dogs.

We aim to provide your dog with a treatment that is bespoke, it is centred on the need and drive of your dog, it is not stressful, and does provides them with fun and enjoyment - not every dog is going to drag the owner inside desperate to get into the pool but this is what we aim for and generally achieve the majority of the time.