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Fun Swim Sessions

My boys love coming to the pool for a swim session. Really helps my 13 year old out with his mobility, and really tires my youngest out, which is also great. We love it too. Its brilliant to be able to get in the water with them. Great welcome, lovely staff and facilities (including coffee and cake!), are very good too. Highly recommend Sherwood Hydro for a great time out with your dogs!

Great fun!

Milo was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia back in December and had quite a limp. The vet put him on medication and recommended Hydrotherapy and we came here. Milo loves water anyway and every time we went he was SO excited he just couldn't contain himself! I even went into the water with him and we loved every minute! After several sessions his limp has gone and he doesn't need to have his medication regularly. We can now do a 5 mile walk without Milo suffering with his elbow!
We will definitely be back for fun swims and I thoroughly recommend SCH!
Thank you to Geoff and Ken!

We (my dogs and I) love

We (my dogs and I) love Sherwood Hydro Therapy Centres fun swims. It allows us to have controlled fun with their dog friends and we can also have fun in with them.

The staff are always so friendly and helpful. And the relaxed air to the place makes every visit easy and peaceful.

Being able to go in the water is also a plus. Seeing them swim is great. And no added danger unlike swimming in lakes and open bodies of water.

I can't wait to be bringing my other dog who has been ill.

See you soon :)

Lexi n Sasha

Me and my daughter bring our 2 German Shepherds Lexi and Sasha, they love it !! Great place, staff are brilliant very welcoming and helpful. Don't know of anywhere else what does this, great idea. Can't wait to bring them again soon !

Loved it!

Megan absolutely loved her first swim and we will most definitely be back! Megan had never been near water before and we were a little apprehensive at first but i should never have worried, what a brilliant place!

Jaspers 1st aqua pups

Well Jasper our baby springer had his first experience in the water yesturday and can i just say wow! What a facility!! The staff were amazing and really new their stuff and ken did such a fab job with Jasper he loved every minute and then slept for most of the afternoon after that. Were definatly going to be firm regulars now! Next time were even getting in with him, keep up your amazing work guys! See you again soon x

Work Placement

I have been on work placement at Sherwood Hydrotherapy on/off since January and would like to thank Geoff & Ken for having me! They are great people and have made me feel welcome. I have taken my dog on fun swims which he absolutely loves and will continue to bring him in the future.... I would recommend it to anyone.

Awww shucks Toyah, your help

Awww shucks Toyah, your help and enthusiasm is totally recognised and appreciated!!


Mitch cancer dog

last year our dog Mitch was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, as part of his treatment he was reffered by the vet for hydrotherapy, Geoff and the team treated Mitch as if he were one of their own, and Mitch particularly loved to see Irene the dog grooming lady there as she allowed him to give her kisses and she in return gave him treats from her shop.
Sadly Mitch was put to sleep on 3rd December 2013, but we haven't forgot the kind way our dog was treated in his last months of life by those at sherwood canine hydrotherapy.
Would recommend their services to all!

Mitch was one of our one!! He

Mitch was one of our one!!

He was a beautiful and brave boy who you totally adored and supported.

Thank you for your support.


Bruce was diagnosed with cdrm in December 2012 and the vet recommended that we try hydrotherapy. We contacted geoff and ken in January 2013. At first Bruce used the treadmill which helped him to develop his muscles, after a few weeks Bruce went into the pool. Unfortunately his condition has got worse and he now cannot use his back legs, but he loves to go swimming and we bring him every week. We believe without hydrotherapy Bruce wouldnt be with us now. Thank you Ken and Geoff

From sarah and Bruce xx

doggy visit

My black cocker jasper came here for his first swim a while ago and he loved it! Geoff was awesome at giving jasper encouragement (jasper then went to the scottish lochs, baby steps eh?). We go back regularly for grooming and he loves it x

Totally Excellent Experience

We've been coming to Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy since it opened. Back then we only had one dog and now we have four! Our Greyhound and Cavapoo absolutely love their monthly fun swim, both cry and whine with excitement as we drive up to SCH and don't shut up until they are in the pool swimming. In January we adopted a three legged Lhasapoo, he's not so keen on the water yet but he's learning. The swimming will help him develop his balance and strength. We have just adopted dog number four who has not yet had a swim at SCH yet but I'm sure in time he will learn to love it too. We fully and highly recommend SCH, what we particularly love is the fact you can get in the pool too. This truly makes a fun swim FUN. Do not hesitate to book your first swim, you will not regret it.
Dawn, Lorinda, Rooghaun, Dughie-Doo, Jovian & Toby xxxx

Noah & Gunner

Our Golden retrievers love their fun excercise at Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy. With fantastic facilities and brilliant staff, we always make us feel welcome and can't wait to return.


My golden lab, Fudge - now 8 years old, was born with hip and elbow dysplasia which we had been managing through monthly injections at the vets and controlled exercise. However he deteriorated rapidly in autumn 2012 to the point where we thought we were going to have to consider having him put down. He had his hips scraped but this made no difference and we decided to give hydro a go as we really didn't have any other options. The difference the hydro made was unbelievable, we went from him refusing to weight bear on one of his hind legs (which caused extra pressure on his other joints) to building up his muscles and him using all four legs again without favour or limping. Fudge is still at hydro, now following operations on both knees, but he loves it. He is always eager to get in the pool and his helicopter tail never stops! Thanks to Ken and Geoff we still have our Fudge with us and he has got a good quality of life back.
Thanks guys. Karen, Kevin and Fudge.

Newfie puppy Swim!

We took my 15 week old Newfoundland puppy here for his first swim. The facility is fantastic and Freddie was taken brilliant care of!! He was a little nervous to start with but the handler who went in the pool with him was very reassuring to Freddie and gave him a great swimming experience! Can't recommend Sherwood hydrotherapy enough!

Fab Fun Swim!

I brought my beagle Gunner a few months ago for a fun swim, as he loves the water but can't go off the lead to swim on walks. He absolutely adored it, and I loved being able to go in the water with him, to have little races and throw toys for him - it was such a bonding experience - and amazing to see him enjoying himself that much. The facilities are great - huge pool and very clean and well presented. Gunner was also shampooed, showered and dried after for free which was a nice surprise! I've got my vet referral form now, so we'll be back for another visit soon! :-)

Many thanks,

Gunner Cunningham and his human, Zoƫ x

Fun with our Furkids!

We love to bring our labs here, to be in the water with them and join in their fun is amazing! Staff are always friendly & helpful, facilities are brilliant! Highly recommend & can't wait to be back this weekend :-)

Fun Swim

Cassie literally drags me from the car into the pool area which says it all! When we first took her she was not impressed with the water but after Ken got her in she was loving it!
We initially came to help her back legs but now come for fun swims and often bring along her buddy!
Highly recommend it Ken and Geoff go our of their way to help!
Emma, Phill and Cassie!

Re: treadmill and swim

We have been going to sherwood for nearly 3 years now with our Scottish x cairn piper.
They have changed our life if not if them would think the worse.
They have given piper a new lease of life. She is a new dog. She is now 10 but acts like a 2 year old.
She is fit and healthy and the best she as every been.
I would recommend sherwood to anyone who loves their dog.
Amazing company and amazing people who work there.
Thanks guys for giving piper a good quality of life

My cocker spaniel Tilly loved

My cocker spaniel Tilly loved playing in the pool
And even more so my children, being able to splash around
And swim alongside our much loved family pet. Great thing
For me was the Tilly was to worn out to go out for a walk and kids
exhausted from splashing around with her, everyone a winner.

excellent place!! amazing

I've has max groomed here and he's experienced a fun and amazing swim, I was nervous as max isn't a big water lover but he loved it they talked me through it and explained how to get him to relax in the water explained what he would be feeling etc I absolutely love this place always friendly and happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. Can not recommend enough!!

Confidence Booster

to anyone who reads this, before we went here I thought the idea of getting in a swimming pool with my dog was ridiculous.....HOW WRONG WAS I??

This is by far and without doubt one of the best things you can do with your dog, whether it be young, old fat or thin, at first our pup was petrified of water but after seeing our older Lab jumping in and loving it and it wasn't long before Fudge got in the water and now he cannot get enough of it, whether it be pools, streams or muddy puddles he always proper face plants them now.

Cant wait till we come again!

Fantastic place

I took my two year old Westie (Angus) who was previously very apprehensive about water. After just one fun session, he is now a real water baby and loves to get in the water at any given chance.
Staff are very welcoming and friendly cups of tea's all round and they also washed Angus after the session.
Great experience, I will definitely be bringing him back for more sessions :)


Hi there, just want to say what a great place Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy is. When I first went along in January 2014 my dog had an intermittant hind leg injury which we had been trying to sort out since the previous November and I had 2 aims:
1) To sort out her injury and get her fit to enter Crufts in March
2) To get her fit for purpose as a gundog
As a HPR gundog we enter gundog working tests and Field Trials for which she has to obviously be fit for. After 2 months of attending the treadmill and hydro we achieved both. She was sound to enter Crufts and she gained a first place in her class and we have now re-started gundog training and there is no sign of the injury.
So many thanks to both Geoff and Ken for their help.
Bev & Lexi

Hi, Willis loves his weekly

Willis loves his weekly visits for his hydrotherapy. So looking forward to being able to bring him and Tilly for a fun swim when he's better

Looking forward

A friend told me how great this therapy centre is and really helped get their dog back on it's feet after an op.....we've planning on coming down for a fun swim with my girls and her now she's back to full strength. Can't wait....sure the dogs can't either!

Great Idea

I had been looking for ages some where I could just take my dogs and swim with them for fun , and i found this place and what a find . Had a great day and dogs loved it .Looking forward to coming back soon .

Alison Williams, poppy and Oscar

Mo mo swim

Would just like to say that your staff are amazing so caring and friendly . Mo mo enjoyed her swim once she got used to it thankyou so much .

Fun swim

We had a great time with our three dogs at the centre. Our dogs enjoyed it and so did we and Ken was fantastic in showing us what to do. The pool is lovely and warm and it's a great bonding activity to have with your dogs. Can't wait to go back and thanks so much Geoff and ken . They do a fab gift pack too!

Fully recovered Pig

Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know Dozer Pig made a more than full recovery after our time with you. Only his scar shows now. Thanks for speeding him on his way to unstoppable!!! You were great.
We look forward to getting back just for fun soon.

Vicky Spot and Dozer Pig x


Lizzie our Airedale started having hydrotheraphy a couple of years back after a problem with her back leg , at first she would just stand on the side and refuse to look at anyone . After a couple of sessions she started to enjoy it , her back leg improved immensely . After the proper hydro sessions finished we still went for fun swims taking along our 9 year old Irish terrier . Both are now mad for the pool , Lizzie always knows where's she's going and can't wait to see ken and Geoff .

Thank you

We brought our Belle and Roxy to your fun swim session and it was fantastic, it was great for Belle our JRT cross to have a safe place to do her favorite thing, swimming! And to be able to experience it in the water with her was perfect. The were shattered on the drive back home! Willbe visiting again for sure.

Great fun for the whole

Great fun for the whole family, highly recommended!


Jethro is excited before we are even there. So friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. A wonderful place with wonderful people.

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Rafa absolutely loves the hydrotherapy pool, it definitely does him good. It’s brilliant to see him improve and his quality of life get better because of it.

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