Our Policies

We offer professional and public liability insurance.

Staff are fully trained in hydrotherapy, anatomy and physiology, bone and ligament conditions, water management and first aid.

Dogs with open wounds, sutures and stomach upset will not be allowed to swim unless under specific instructions from the vet.

All treatment is undertaken in a quiet controlled environment and the dogs welfare is paramount and their wellbeing always comes first before their owner’s desires.

Fun Swims, Please Note:

Sherwood Canine Hydrotherapy will allow your dog to swim for a fitness/fun without a Vet Referral as long as your dog is fit and well, not currently undergoing any current vet treatments/medications and suffering with any pre-existing conditions such as: diabetes, epilepsy and any cardiac issues.

If clarification is needed please ask, we aim to be helpful and make swimming with your dogs fun and accessible.

His condition is brilliant, Iv got my dog back!

Julie and her chocolate Lab, Cracker!