Aquatic Treadmill

The Aquatic Treadmill can be used as a stand-alone treatment or alongside treatment in the hydrotherapy pool. As it is possible to alter both the depth of the water in the treadmill and the speed of the treadmill, extra resistance can be provided to further promote the use of limbs and speed up the process of rebuilding muscle mass. Often a combination of pool and treadmill therapy can be extremely beneficial.

The Aquatic Treadmill allows your dog to be exercised as gently or rigorously as able. The treadmill is able to improve balance of unsteady patients, increase metabolic rate and calorific burn, improve core stability, increase circulation and much more.

Another benefit of the Aquatic Treadmill is that it is enclosed in a clear glass box that magnifies the movement of the dog therefore allowing the Hydrotherapist to be able to look at the whole gait of the dog unimpeded.

We have the latest and best Tudor Treadmill which is large enough for any breed of dog. There are 2 non-slip ramps entering and exiting the treadmill for easy and safe access for your dog. 

Our Aquatic Treadmill is fed from the pool water and therefore adheres to our strict water testing and treatment regime, ensuring the highest water quality for your dog. This also means that the treadmill water is at the same therapeutic temperature as the pool at 32˚c.

Our staff, as qualified hydrotherapists have also undertaken further training in Aquatic Treadmill and are fully qualified in the use of the treadmill. 

We brought Ginni and Harvey in today and we just wanted to thank you so much for the experience we had. The dogs absolutely loved it and we had a great time. We were very impressed with the facilities and the price.