Hydrotherapy Pool

We have the biggest Canine Pool in the East Midlands measuring 26ft x 13ft x 4ft (8m x 4m x 1.25m) allowing even the largest of breeds of dog to be able to swim freely and comfortably therefore gaining maximum benefit from their treatment and fun sessions.

The pool is heated constantly to 31°c to aid comfort, relaxation and pain relief. The pool is also equipped with jets providing additional resistance in the pool if required. Our water quality is tested a minimum of 3 times a day, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the water is of the highest standard.

In the pool there is a purpose built non-slip ramp which allows your dog to safely enter the water on a very gentle slope assisted at all times by a hydrotherapist. We also have an overhead electric hoist which ensures that even the most nervous or immobile dog can enjoy the benefits of our pool. All treatment is provided in a quiet and controlled environment with a viewing platform for the owners benefit.

All dogs are assisted in the pool with buoyancy aids during their hydrotherapy session and each treatment is specifically tailored to meet your dog’s individual requirements.

Please note: Hydrotherapy dogs will only be treated with authorisation from your Veterinary Surgeon ensuring appropriate treatment is undertaken - for fun and fitness sessions (non treatments) as long as your dogs are fit and well and not undergoing any current vet treatments and/or suffering with diabetes, epilepsy or any cardiac conditions we do NOT require a vet referral.

Firstly a big THANK YOU for yesterday, Max had a lovely time with you both - the slobbery kisses and waggy stump might have given it away!

Perfect amount of swimming yesterday, he didn't have stiff joints last night after resting or this morning so your timing was absolutely spot on.

J Storer