What We Do


Each treatment will be tailored around your dog’s individual needs. A detailed history will be taken of your dog’s condition by our hydrotherapist. This usually takes approx 1 hour. This gives us the opportunity to get to know your dog, explain to you about hydrotherapy and show you around our unit.

Before swimming

For your dogs comfort and safety, please do not feed your dog 3 hours prior to their swim. For hygiene and pool cleanliness please allow your dog to toilet prior to arriving. Dogs may not swim if they are coming or in season. This is for hygiene reasons and also consideration of male dogs visiting the pool.

It is estimated that for every 1 minute swimming in the pool is the equivalent to running 1 mile on land!


All dogs can swim by instinct, however their enjoyment depends on their confidence in the water. Their confidence can be improved with gradual acclimatization, perseverance and love

Hydrotherapy for puppies

Many breeds of dog need special care and attention as puppies, in order to avoid problems in later life. German Shepherds need a good deal of attention, as puppies although boisterous and full of life; too much of the wrong kind of exercise whilst they are developing can cause long term problems.

Hydrotherapy is a non weight bearing exercise, as such, a perfect way to maintain your puppies weight and fitness levels, without stressing developing joints and bones.

We assist first time swimmers with buoyancy aids, floatation aids and toys, lots of encouragement and love!

His condition is brilliant, Iv got my dog back!

Julie and her chocolate Lab, Cracker!